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According to Dr. Hiroshi Kayahara, a professor of bioscience and biotechnology at ShinshuUniversity in Nagano, Japan, a new sprout activates dormant enzymes in the brown rice all at once to supply the best nutrition to the growing sprout, in addition sprouted rice contains more fiber, vitamins and minerals than non-germinated rice. He and other Japanese researchers soaked the brown rice in warm water for 22 hours to make it sprout. He noted that soaked brown rice is easier to cook because the hard outer husk has been softened and tastes sweeter

The  many rice noodle producers in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City have been found to have used formaldehyde and several have been closed down as a result. An emergency meeting of Vietnam's ministries of Health and Trade has led to the imposition of a 1 March deadline for nationwide inspections of rice noodle and rice pancake producers

New York  food has a great reputation for clean, healthy eating. The most popular dishes that the rest of the world seesare raw, fresh, simple or at least natural and they all seem to be the sort of food that makes you feel better rather than worse. Please send your review to Indo Munch.

The side that most of the world doesn’t see is the New York people  obsession with deep frying. Few foreigners are prepared for the quantity of deep fried food that is consumed in New York. I’m not talking about light and delicate tempura, but deep friedBusiness Management Articles, crumbed or battered everything. Not even Elvis with his deep friedpeanut buttersandwichescould phase the New York people  who seem to have developed a method for frying and eating just about anything on the menu.